Kent Ridge Hill Residences

“No house should be ever on a hill or on anything. It should be of the hill. Belonging to it. Hill and house should live together each the happier of the other.”
Frank Lloyd Wright. American Master Architect. 1867 – 1959

Hillside Address City Living
A hillside address is one that is much desired, yet exclusive. When one speaks of a hillside home, one thinks of a tranquil luxury haven. A haven perched upon a vantage point overlooking everything else. A haven surrounded by lush nature. And in land-scarce Singapore, a haven with a hillside address is extremely rare to find, let alone to own. You have found your hillside haven here at Kent Ridge Hill Residences.

Pure Inspiration, Pure Sophistication
Kent Ridge Hill Residences draws its inspiration from its hillside location and the lushness of Kent Ridge Park. Every thought that goes into the design and realisation, takes into account the surrounding nature. And every detail is imbued with the beauty of nature. Expect nothing less than a modern architectural masterpiece of sophisticated luxury nestled into the hill.

Direct access to Kent Ridge Park
While there are indulgences aplenty here at home, the call of 47 hectares of forest park can be too great to ignore. Enjoy the privilege of having a residents-only access to Kent Ridge Park, with absolutely no compromise on security.

1 tree-lined road. 1 gentle slope. 5 minutes to everything
Just turn in from Pasir Panjang Road, and you are worlds away. As you travel up the gentle slope, a sense of quiet anticipation mounts. Because your hillside haven awaits at the end of the tree-lined street. And within nature’s tranquil embrace, it is indeed hard to fathom that the vibrancy of the city is just minutes away.

100% fresh air. 180˚ sea view. 5 minutes more of bliss
Up here, the vast sky meets the verdant hill as the sparkling sea rewards your sight with breathtaking beauty. Stay a while longer. Breathe in deeply. And let relaxation wash over you as rejuvenation of mind, body and spirit takes over.

Countless trees. Endless wonders. 5 minutes from home
A unique forested hill in a park. A sanctuary for flora and fauna. A leisure destination for nature lovers, thrill seekers, fitness enthusiasts, and more. While others travel from afar to enjoy Kent Ridge Park, you enjoy the privilege of an exclusive residents-only access to it.

A natural connection
Wander along the Canopy Walk of Kent Ridge Park. Time seems to stand still as you immerse yourself in lush splendour. While across the other side of park, respite awaits as you relax by the turquoise waters of a calm pond.

280m Canopy Walk
Park Paved Walkway

As you drive into Kent Ridge Hill Residences, it seems like you have entered into another world. Your world. Where the sound of rushing waters from the waterfall wall feature creates an inviting escape from the bustle of the city. And the elegant arrival foyer sets the mood for a sophisticated welcome.

One With Nature, Home Of Stature
Elevated above road level to heighten its exclusivity, Kent Ridge Hill Residences is designed to be one with its natural surroundings. Comprising luxury residences and strata landed houses, revel in the choice of unit types for every lifestyle need. Inspired by the sense of space that nature brings, all first-storey residences will have high ceilings, while top-storey residences enjoy more generous living and dining spaces.

Nature of luxury, naturally yours
Inspired by its hillside landscape, the signature design elements of Kent Ridge Hill Residences are cascading terraces, cantilevered features, and floating platforms. Reminiscent of chic boutique resorts of discreet luxury. Just like these resorts, you can look forward to being pampered in every way possible.

Waterfall Canyon
This is your sanctuary within your haven. Luxurious pools beckon with their promise of leisure and relaxation. Trails are scented and hidden by exotic flora. And pockets of play are expertly planned to maximise enjoyment while maintaining the ambience of tranquillity.

• Waterfront Pavilion • Waterfall Lounge • Tree House Party Deck • Walkway Sky Bridge • Waterfall Water Bed • 50m Lap Pool • Banquet Lawn • Function Room • Pool Deck • Waterjet Pool • Nature Deck • Family Pool • Kid’s Pool • Tropical Walk • Grand Waterfall • Relaxation Lawn • Relaxation Cabana • Tree House • Putting Green

The Floating Gym
One of Kent Ridge Hill Residences’ distinguished highlights. This feature brings to mind the architectural masterpiece called Falling Water by Frank Lloyd Wright, one of the American Masters of Architecture. Cantilevered over water features, it reminds one of waterfalls cascading from rocks.

“[A house] should be of the hill. Belonging to it.
Hill and house should live together, each the happier for the other.”
Frank Lloyd Wright

Waterside Banquet
This is the place to feast until your heart’s content. Awaiting your choice is a smorgasbord of dining venues centred around sylvan surroundings and soothing water features. From intimate dinners to fun parties, there is always a place to cater to every type of event.

• Banquet Deck • BBQ Pavilion • Party Deck • Gourmet Lawn • Feature Green • Water Lounge • Hill Trail • Rainforest Walk • Forest Walk • Grill Bar • Waterfall Valley • Party Pool

The Party Deck
When big parties and feasting are not on the menu, the Party Deck is the ideal place to get together for casual socialising. Comfy seats, cosy ambience, great friends, wine and cheese all around… just the perfect recipe for a night to remember.

Leave the world behind
Many may search for tranquillity. Here, tranquillity finds you, every day and even before you step into your home. The wind in the trees, the chirping of birds, the peacefulness. These are the sounds of nature. And they invite you to come home.

The sea and the city before you
Possibly the only place in Singapore where lush rolling hills and abundant nature, meet the sea and the city. While tranquillity resides in your hillside haven, you are mere minutes from the vibrant heart of the city. Adding to the charm are cosy lifestyle enclaves, quality education all around and that sense of space that comes with having a low residential population density, a rare quality in Singapore

  • Disclaimer: Exact locations for all future projects and developments are to be determined by the authorities.

Enchanting today, exciting tomorrow
There is just something special in the air that makes this part of Singapore so appealing. Whatever it is, Singapore’s South-West has always held a special place in the hearts of many. And it will only get better. Because this will be where Singapore’s master plan for a waterfront city three times the size of Marina Bay takes shape.